Who we are

We are a passionate group of people, determined to make a difference to the health of women and children in Africa.

Having all visited Africa on numerous occasions, we have witnessed people trapped in the devastating cycle of poverty, lacking hope and any thought of a future. We have seen the fragility of life, and that most deaths and disease occur from what we in Australia would class as preventable causes.

So, our passion, our mission, is to improve the health of women and children in Africa, and specifically, Ethiopia. We aim to to reduce the number of senseless and preventable deaths, especially amongst expectant mothers and their babies, and to give as many as possible hope and a brighter future


Ian Shanks – Director

Ian Shanks is the founder and a director of the Fullife Foundation. He is also a pharmacist, and a director of Fullife Pharmacies, which has initiated many of the fund-raising and in-store engagement methods that have connected customers to the Fullife Foundation. Ian has had a life-long interest in philanthropy, and in particular, supporting the development of communities in Ethiopia

Michelle Bou-Samra – Director

Michelle Bou-Samra is a pharmacist, business consultant and a director of the Fullife Foundation. She has a strong connection with Ethiopia and from a young age knew that it would very much be a part of her life.
She assists with strategy and marketing, and is working towards community pharmacy having a greater impact in development.
Michelle is studying a Masters of International and Community Development to provide her with the tools to have the greatest effect in this field now and in the future.

Janelle Murley – Director

Janelle has a passion for overseas mission work. During trips to Tanzania and Indonesia she has witnessed the tragic consequences of a lack of even basic health care, so it was a ‘no-brainer’ when she was approached to be a director with the Fullife Foundation.
Her role on the board is focused on strategy and planning. In 2015 she visited Ethiopia to see the positive impact that the Foundation is having in improving the health of women and children. She is extremely proud to be a part of that through the Fullife Foundation.

David Gibbs

David Gibbs is a partner in a Sydney talent agency, and also a philanthropist. We met David through World Vision, and we feel privileged to have him assisting the Fullife Foundation. David oversees our Fullife Foundation Partner Program, which encourages pharmacies around Australia to financially support our work.

David Sanders

David Sanders is a Barrister, and philanthropist from Melbourne, and his role is to assist and advise the Board on legal issues, as well as matters of governance. David has had a long history in supporting, justice and human rights issues, and has been a member of the Justice Project. David has also performed pro bono legal work for a number of not-for-profits, including the Salvation Army 614 project in Melbourne.


Our Core Values


 • Integrity           • Care           • Humility           • Compassion          • Collaboration