Our Sponsors

Pharmacy Alliance

  • The Pharmacy Alliance group have been supporting the Fullife Foundation since 2014, and are our primary sponsor in the Australian Pharmacy industry.
  • In addition to regular donations to support our work, Pharmacy Alliance have chosen us to be their nominated charity, represented in 70 of the Partner Alliance pharmacies, and also in numerous other PA pharmacies around Australia.
  • They supported our safe birthing kit program leading into Mothers Day 2016, and also have been a major financial supporter of the construction of our two maternal waiting rooms in Samre, Ethiopia.
  • We appreciate their support, and look forward to making a real difference to the health of women and children in Ethiopia.
  • Big thanks to Darren, Nimfa, Simon, Paul, Shane and Renee for making all this possible!

Chemist POS Direct

  • Chemist Pos Direct are the largest supplier of computers, printers and II peripherals to the Australian Pharmacy industry.
  • Having discussed our work at the 2016 APP Pharmacy conference in March, they decided to donate a $3 clean birthing kit for every order placed through their network.
  • During the July-September 2016 period, they donated 820 birthing kits, and a total donation of $2,460, meaning that 820 mothers at risk in Africa can have a safe birth.
  • We encourage more pharmacies to support this great company, and thank them for their generosity and foresight.
  • Big thanks to Michael, George and Sabrina for their support!

Our Core Values


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