Building a Maternal Health clinic in Shurmo, Ethiopia


    • During our January 2017 visit to Ethiopia, we met with International Needs, a small but effective charity who work in Shurmo, Ethiopia, a couple of hours south of the capital, Addis Ababa.
    • Shurmo is an area of high poverty that lacks clean drinking water for close to half it’s population.
    • Health services are also in short supply for the 22,000 people living in the district.shurmo maternal waiting room Ethiopia
    • We were informed that the health post servicing Shurmo was of the worst standard of the 7 health posts in the entire zone, and was in desperate need of upgrade.
    • Specifically, vaccination, delivery services, pre and post-natal care and family planning were ALL provided in the one room.
    • This is an impossible situation, as everything has to stop and the room vacated whenever there is an emergency delivery.
    • The women of Shurmo still predominantly deliver their babies at home, which is no doubt influenced by the lack of a predictable and dedicated delivery service at the health post.
    • The attached picture shows the standard of building currently in this health post.
    • So, we determined to build a proper Maternal Health Centre, where each of these important activities,
      vaccination, pre-and post natal services, delivery, and family planning can have their own room.
    • This facility will cost $55,000 AUD, and we anticipate will be completed by the end of 2017.
    • The building is being designed to comply with Ethiopian government health department criteria, and will be staffed and run by the government upon completion.
    • We were overjoyed to learn that a private donor, when hearing about this project, and the urgent
      need for better maternal health facilities,   contacted us and  offered to fund this project entirely!
    • We’ll update this page with photos once the construction commences.


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