Child sponsorship and improved health outcomes

Our partnership with World Vision commenced in 2012, when we commenced sponsoring 50 children in Samre, Northern Ethiopia.
Over the past few years, we have increased the number of children directly sponsored by the Fullife Foundation to over 200, and we are World Vision’s largest single child sponsor in Australia.
We chose to sponsor all our children in the one area, to maximise our impact.
The concept of child sponsorship is holistic in nature; it is about developing the whole community, and dealing in order of importance, with all issues relating to life and sustainability. This is done in consultation with the sponsored community, so that their voice is heard the loudest.
Often, this involves helping to provide clean water sources and adequate food supply before tackling longer term issues such as health, education, sanitation and harmful traditional practises (such as early marriage and female genital mutilation).projects_education_world_vision
In the early stages, there is a strong focus on food, security, irrigation, farming techniques and crop diversity to deal with the primary issue, which is providing sufficient food for the population.
Ultimately, child sponsorship is about providing the funds necessary to empower an entire community to become self-sufficient.
Having been able to visit our sponsor children on a number of occasions, we are always encouraged to see the development and progress that has occurred.

Through our World Vision child sponsorship since 2012, we have been able to achieve the following in Samre:

  • Primary school enrolment has increased from 53% to over 99%
  • Food insecure months have reduced from 4.2 to under 2 months per year (and continuing to drop)
  • 873 health workers have been trained
  • Skilled maternal delivery has increased from 5% to 88%
  • Maternal deaths have decreased from 32 in 2013, to zero last year

We count it a privilege to be able to assist our 205 children and their community to strive towards self-reliance.

Our Core Values


 • Integrity           • Care           • Humility           • Compassion          • Collaboration