Our Partners

World Vision Partnership:

When the Fullife Foundation commenced it’s work in 2012, the first task was to find a partner who could deliver for us on the ground in Africa. After considering a number of NGOs, we settled on World Vision, as our primary partner.
So, why World Vision? They impressed us with their values, ethical and respectful approach to development, and above all, their desire to see an end to poverty on this planet.
Having witnessed their work on the ground in Ethiopia on a number of occasions, we came away totally confident that we had made the right choice. Their holistic approach to development is effective, inclusive and has at it’s core, the goal of self-reliance for the communities in which it works.
We commenced our relationship with World Vision in 2012 by sponsoring 50 children in Samre, Ethiopia, and over the past four years, have been able to increase this to 205 children, making us World Vision’s largest single child sponsor in Australia.
Our child sponsorship funds not only support the nominated children, but also those in the communities (or Area Development Projects) in which they live. World Vision then use these funds for provision of clean water, assisting with food security, enhanced farming techniques, irrigation, child and maternal heath, sanitation and education. Their goal is to leave the area self-sufficient at the end of their 15 year support and development program.

Our funding has assisted in delivering the following:

  • tim-costello-with-fullife-foundationIncreasing primary school enrolment from 53% to 99.6%
  • Reducing food deficit months from 4.2 to well under 2 months
  • Increasing skilled maternal delivery from 4% to 88%
  • Increased child literacy through Literacy Boost Program
    (3,800 children)
  • Safe water access for Samre population has increased to 78%
  • In addition to our World Vision child sponsorship,
    we have been able to fund the construction of 2 maternal
    waiting rooms in Samre, which has been supervised and
    delivered by World Vision Ethiopia.

We count it a privilege to work with such an amazing and
ethical organisation such as World Vision.

BKFA Partnership:

Our partnership with the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA) commenced in 2014. At the time, we were looking for a small impacting item that we could promote at our retail pharmacy pay-points, and World Vision thought that the clean birthing kits concept could provide what we were looking for.
These $3 kits, when used by a skilled birthing attendant, substantially reduce the deaths of mothers, and their infants – less than a cup of coffee!
Such a simple idea and so effective; it was an easy decision to support such a great concept and organisation.

Clean birthing kits, which are normally assembled by volunteers groups, consist of the following 6 items:

  • A sheet of black plastic for the mother to lie on, preventing infection
  • Gauze to wipe the baby’s eyes and the mother’s perineum
  • Cord to tie the umbilical cord to prevent bleeding
  • Gloves for the birthing attendant preventing germ transfer to mother and baby
  • Scalpel blade for a clean cut of the umbilical cord
  • Soap for clean hands and further preventing infection

We were able to devise a retail program that enabled Fullife Pharmacies to ‘sell’ a $3 safe birthing kit at the pay-point. We were amazed at the results of that first program, over two months, over 11,000 kits were donated by customers, companies and supporters of the Fullife Foundation.
Since then, we have run yearly programs, through our four Fullife pharmacies, as well as from Pharmacy Alliance (a 65-store group) who joined us with a mothers day program during 2016.
So far, we have donated over 39,000 safe birthing kits, over $117,000 to the BKFA, who have sent them to mothers at greatest risk, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and also to northern Ethiopia.
We are now the BKFA’s largest single donor in the country, and consider it a great privilege to work with this amazing organisation.
Their slogan, that ‘every woman has the right to a clean and safe childbirth’ really resonates with us, and our desire to reduce maternal death in Africa.

Our Core Values


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